Self Doubt

OK, so here’s the deal. I started this blog last night and agonized about whether or not I was confident enough to put it out there. The bottom line is, I’m not. It’s silly, it’s narcissistic, and I’m pretty embarrassed at myself. BUT, here goes nothing. I am going to write my musings, as Jayne calls them, and just see what happens. I want to eventually write books so I might as well start somewhere.  I put on Facebook yesterday that we should start where we are because it’s our only choice. So this is where I am and I’m starting. I’m putting my hand to the plow, I’m diving in, I’m giving God something to bless. I know He has things for me to do and say and I’m just getting myself in a position to start.

You know, God doesn’t give us the whole picture at one time, oh how I wish He would, but alas, that’s not the way He works, at least in my experience. The manna came from heaven every day, right? The Israelites were not allowed to store it up, they had to trust Him every day, and they had to walk outside and pick that manna up. So this is me picking up the manna and expecting that there will be more tomorrow.


4 Replies to “Self Doubt”

  1. give God something to bless -when i read that the other day it shook my cage — thxs – would be nice if people understood place (where we start from) and pace ( development ) are never someone else – so patience and longsuffering a must if u are walking relational with others —


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