Go do something

This seems to be a running theme as I’ve been writing this blog. I’m probably just preaching to myself, (I’m definitely preaching to myself) but I keep coming back to this thought. Go do something. Maybe it’s because I’m guilty, like so many are, of waiting for God to move in some area of my life and He may be telling me to move. My father-in-law Terry Mize, who I respect so highly in ministry has always said that God is a good checker player; He waits on us to make a move and then He makes a corresponding move. Well, I was sitting in my Dad’s School of the Spirit class last night and he was talking about how Jesus went about doing good and healing all who were diseased. Right then it struck me, what can I do that’s good? What are my strengths? What do I have to contribute to humanity, to my family, to my friends, to my community?

What can you do that’s good? Go do it. What is your strength? Go do it. What do you excel at? Go do it. What can you do that would really help someone? Go do it. Do something! Be an instrument, a vessel. God gave each of us gifts and talents, what do you think He expected us to do with them?

I don’t believe He’s going to call every single person to the mission field to eat worms and run around with naked people, while there are those that are absolutely anointed to do it and I have the utmost admiration for them. But I believe He puts passions and desires in us to pursue what we’re good at, what we love, what brings us joy, what brings us fulfillment. If those are the desires of your heart, then go do them. Use the gifts and talents He’s given you to help someone, to make a difference. I’m not saying everyone is called to the ministry, although many make good arguments for that, I mean go do what you’re good at, in whatever field that is. Go do it with your whole heart, and you’ll bless people in the process. My grandfather says that his mama told him, obey God, stay little in your own eyes,  and you’ll bless the world. Wise woman. Go bless the world.


5 Replies to “Go do something”

  1. Thank you sweetie, I am trying to Do It, but you reminded me today to look at what else I could be doing so I am going to go do something.
    much love, blessings and prosperity.


  2. Nice.

    Taking from what Jesus said in the Gospels – each of us should individually and uniquely bring God’s Kingdom into the earth. I’d say more but it would turn into a sermon.


  3. Wonderful! This really hit home with me when you said, “Go do it with your whole heart!” You know that person, who wants a piece of everything. Well that is very much like me. More specifically, I want to be a part of everything that is “doing good”. Yes, I would like to use my talents and gifts to help people, but when I want to do EVERYTHING I keep coming back to the realization that it just doesn’t quite work out for the best. Thank you for your blog!


  4. Exactly eleven years ago I started to do a ‘hymn sing’ for the residents at an independent living home here in Franklin. First Monday of every month. And guess what? I have become r-i-c-h in the process! (Could actually qualify for millionaire status by now!!!)
    P.S. One of the best pieces of advice I ever received: when you are having a difficult time, find another person going through something worse and do something for them. It works 🙂


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