Why just cast half?

Picture this, you’re walking through a busy airport. (I do this a lot.) You’ve got a rolling suitcase, a backpack, a purse, a computer bag, a heavy coat, a diaper bag, a stroller, a venti non-fat latte, a book, your boarding pass and your ID, a bottle of water, and a smile. At least that’s what I’ve been known to carry in recent history. All of a sudden, a very big, strong guy comes up to you with the kindest, gentlest eyes you’ve ever seen and says, “Please let me carry all of that for you, no charge.” And this was seriously the most trustworthy guy you’ve ever seen. What would you do?

Would you just hand over half of your stuff? Would you just let him carry one thing and then continue to struggle with the rest? What on earth are you thinking? Give it all to him, walk free and easy and sip your coffee in peace with this awesome dude walking next to you with all your stuff!

Well, that’s how I see Jesus when He tells me to cast all my cares on Him. I see Him as this huge, strong set of shoulders that can literally handle anything and everything, and I’m a fool if I don’t let Him help. I Peter 5:7 tells me to cast ALL my cares on Him because He cares for me. Why do we just cast half?

So many times we only cast half our cares on Him, we feel like we can take this one area of our lives and roll it off on His shoulders and trust Him to handle it, but for some reason we feel like we need to handle the rest by ourselves. And while we are all capable, strong people, there’s just no reason to try to handle all the situations of life in our own strength when His grace and help have already been provided for us! He is able, willing, and wants us to trust Him with all the cares in our lives. So don’t just cast half your cares on Him today; go ahead and cast it all.