Saturday mornings have always been my favorite time. Time for coffee, hanging out in PJ’s, watching cartoons with Jaxon, Facebooking, making pancakes, and more recently, blogging. It has been one week since I started this blog while I was on hold with American Airlines and watching a football game. And I have learned a few things this week.

1) Go do something. Give God something to bless.

2) When you do this, He will meet you there. You’ll be surprised.

3) Trust your instincts, the first thing that I type is usually the one that sounds best.

4) When trying to be a blessing to people, even if you do something silly, if you do it with your whole heart, you will succeed. And even if I just help one person with my writing, it’s worth it. The one person that read something I wrote this week and took a little nugget of truth away from it, that person was worth it. And for that person, I’m going to keep going.

5) Jesus has broad shoulders, He can carry your load if you let Him. Trust Him.

6) Don’t stress over the little stuff, don’t major on minors. Do what counts and do it well.

7) Fourth grade math is inexplicably hard.

And that’s all, folks! More learning next week!


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