So Lynn and I got into a big discussion the other day about my blog, he is just full of ideas, you know. One thing he said that I really grabbed hold of was including pictures in my posts so people will know who I’m talking about. Most of you who are reading know me and Lynn and Jaxon, especially if you look at my Facebook, which of course you do because how else would you find my blog?

But I’m going to try to get in the habit of including a photo here and there for you visual thinkers out there. I am not a visual learner so it’s not something I often think of. Yesterday’s “Trudging through the sludge” post was my first attempt at that. This is my second.

This photo was taken on the first day at a convention, you can see I’m in a hotel room. Although in my perfect world, my bed at home would have a breakfast menu placed on it daily so I could have my coffee in bed. Back to my point! I had just arrived into the hotel after a long drive. And before that had been weeks of preparation for the convention. Suffice to say, I was beat. I was worn out. I was pooped. And I had gone into spaz mode. This happens to me AFTER I’ve gone through the overload mode, past the tears, and on to the “just being a spaz because I’m so tired and cranky.”

Yesterday was trudge mode, this photo shows spaz mode. I am a complex woman, I have many modes. I’m sure you do too. But it always helps me when I realize that I’m not alone. I usually take an afternoon during that conference week and have lunch with my dear friend Debbie who is a wife, mom, and busy ministry administrator and we trade stories and gripes and generally make ourselves feel better.

So if you’re in trudge mode or spaz mode, or any mode in between, keep your chin up today. You’re not alone. I for one, am trudging along right there with you and I know we are going to make it! Thanks for reading everyone, and have a great day, whatever your mode.