Brindle and betta

Here is another effort to share with you visual folks out there, a glimpse into my world; my two pets, my second and third children. The other mouths I am obligated to feed every day, and whose poop I’m obligated to clean up. (Did you like that visual?)

This is Samson, my precious, giant, slobbery, stubborn, 90-pound white and brindle American Bulldog. He is a year and a half old and I love him to an embarrassing degree. He sleeps in my bed.

And this is our newly acquired child. He is a useless, affection-less, Betta fish who does absolutely nothing but occasionally look at me with googly eyes. I wrote about him last weekend, but what I failed to mention was what Jaxon named him . . . Sushi! Ha! That’s my kid.

Now that I see this photo merged into the blog post, I see how prominently you can see that adorable picture of my cutie pie baby Jaxon, circa about 2002. And my dear husband with the 1995 haircut. That was our engagement picture and you’re lucky you can’t see me in the picture or you would see how much I resembled a flight attendant.

On that note, happy Saturday!