What I’ve learned in two weeks of blogging

1. More people look at my Facebook page than I realized. I’m really grateful they do, otherwise I’d have no readers.

2. Even those with English degrees make mistakes.

3. Lynn talks too much; oh wait, I already knew that.

4. Learning blog-speak is like learning another language. A hard one. Tweets, widgets, clouds, and tags. See? I don’t understand it either.

5. I did a happy dance when I got my first comment from a total stranger who is not my Facebook friend. I still don’t know how she found my blog.

6. Ideas come to me at all hours and in strange situations so I write things down on anything that’s nearby. . . napkins, receipts, my hands.

7. Jaxon and Lynn are not at all impressed that I’ve taken on this new responsibility. I barely keep their clothes clean as it is.

8. You can’t please everyone, better to not even try.

9. When I am totally stumped, I can pray in the Holy Spirit and He will give me something valuable to say.

10. Life is tough and people hurt. I want them to know they’re not alone and they are not the only goof balls out there.

On to week three; thanks for reading!