What I’ve learned in two weeks of blogging

1. More people look at my Facebook page than I realized. I’m really grateful they do, otherwise I’d have no readers.

2. Even those with English degrees make mistakes.

3. Lynn talks too much; oh wait, I already knew that.

4. Learning blog-speak is like learning another language. A hard one. Tweets, widgets, clouds, and tags. See? I don’t understand it either.

5. I did a happy dance when I got my first comment from a total stranger who is not my Facebook friend. I still don’t know how she found my blog.

6. Ideas come to me at all hours and in strange situations so I write things down on anything that’s nearby. . . napkins, receipts, my hands.

7. Jaxon and Lynn are not at all impressed that I’ve taken on this new responsibility. I barely keep their clothes clean as it is.

8. You can’t please everyone, better to not even try.

9. When I am totally stumped, I can pray in the Holy Spirit and He will give me something valuable to say.

10. Life is tough and people hurt. I want them to know they’re not alone and they are not the only goof balls out there.

On to week three; thanks for reading!


2 Replies to “What I’ve learned in two weeks of blogging”

  1. Put operating instructions in large print on the washing machine.
    Don’t go for pleasing everyone, keep on pleasing God and everyone else will fall into line.
    If Lynn is talking too much tell him to call me, you know I love talking.
    And I am grateful that you are a goof ball otherwise you might not care for this goof ball so much.XXXXXXXXX


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