The other night I watched a show about hoarding. It was at the same time horrifying and heartbreaking. It had such an effect on me, I dreamed about it, it was seriously disturbing. I found myself covering my mouth with my hand more than once because I was so grossed out. And it gave me a violent urge to clean.

But I couldn’t help feeling sad for this woman who was living in an absolute hell, and truly didn’t know it. She was oblivious to the sight and smell of the deplorable home she lived in. How many areas of our lives do we just get immune to all the junk around us and not even see it? What can we do about it? Well, here’s my mini-sermon for the day. And when I say sermon, I mean I am preaching to myself!

First of all, we need to take a good look around. What situation is happening in our lives that is not right, that is not peaceful, that is not the way God intended, that we are complacent with, that we are turning a blind eye to? Why are we putting up with all kinds of nonsense that we don’t have to? The devil is stealing our peace and joy in all kinds of ways just because we are oblivious; oblivious to his tricks, but more importantly, oblivious to the fact that Jesus provided peace and joy for us. He went to the cross not only bearing our sin, sickness and disease, but also bearing our cares, our concerns, our fears and our frustrations. He bore our messes!

Fear, frustration, dread, all those nasty emotions went to the cross with Jesus, He bought our freedom from those things with His shed Blood.  But the first step in actually feeling that freedom is recognizing what Jesus did. We can’t enjoy that freedom if we don’t have revelation knowledge in that area. We have to get in the Bible and find out what He’s done. Research it, verse by verse, search it out, write it down, study it, get it on the inside of us, meditate on it. I realize that’s a lot of “church-speak” but we’ve got to somehow manage to transfer the written words off the page and into our hearts. That’s when we hit the power switch.

The Bible says in  Proverbs 4:22  that His Word is life to all who find it and health to all their flesh. Well, we have to find it! How do we find something? We go look for it. We have to put the time and effort in to get the results we want. My father-in-law says that the Bible is a book of laws and principles that work when you work them, and don’t work when you don’t work them. You see, it’s not just the Bible that has power, it’s when we take hold of it and use it and apply it in our lives.

So let’s not be oblivious anymore. Let’s go find out what Jesus has done for us, and let’s not put up with the devil’s antics any longer. He is defeated, and we need to remind him of it.