I love a good graph

Let me preface this post by admitting that it’s the nerdy things that really make me ponder. This is so interesting to me! When I sign into WordPress to write a new post for this blog, it gives me a great little graph depicting how many people have read it today. It doesn’t say who you are, by the way. That is creepy.

Anyway, it has a graph that shows me every day’s views since I started the blog. I’ve had as few as 20 views, and as many as 100. Does that mean some posts are better than others? Oh yeah! Some days I bore myself to tears. But what I’ve noticed that really makes me chuckle is if I post a goofy picture, especially one of myself, people check it out. Of course it stands to reason, when you post yourself looking goofy, people like it. And I have no shortage of goofy pictures of myself. Case in point, a classic example of my weirdness.

Why I struck this pose, I have no idea. What do you think I was thinking?

Happy Tuesday to you all, thanks for reading!