Bulldog faith

This is not my Samson, in fact, I shamelessly pulled this photo off the internet, and hopefully the owner of said photo does not read my blog and send me a bill, or worse, sue me. But due to the fact that I only had about 40 readers yesterday, most of you being my friends and family, I’m not too worried. (Isn’t he cute?)

I started writing this post thinking about the concept of bulldog faith, that tenacious kind of faith that grabs hold of God’s Word with a ferocious grip and won’t let go until victory is reached. And I love that and it’s honorable and as they say in my circles, “That’ll preach.” But the Holy Spirit stopped me and brought me to a new perspective of bulldog faith that I don’t think we give much thought to, and that is hindrances to being able to hold on to something with bulldog faith. And it’s these hindrances that I want to talk about.

There is a difference when you know God has something for you and you are totally convinced of it and nobody can talk you out of it. You are fully convinced and you are not going to back down until you reach that mark. There are other times when we question whether God really wants us to have that desire of our heart, and we think maybe it’s just not His will, or maybe we just don’t deserve it, or maybe we’ve not been a good enough person. You know all these excuses, we’ve all used them on ourselves a thousand times.

My hope is that this blog post will open your eyes, as it is opening mine and together we will wrap our brains around the idea that God DOES want to bless us, that He does want to give good gifts to His children according to Matthew 7:11. Whether or not we think we deserve good things, I know God wants to bless us and take care of us like a father loves and takes care of his children. But He wants to do it according to the laws and principles He sets forth in His Word. That’s why he gave us this awesome promise in I John 5 where it says (and this is the Juli paraphrase) that if we ask anything of Him that’s in His will for us, then He gives us what we ask. So that tells me that whatever I’m asking for, if it lines up with the things He’s promised me in His Word and I hold up my end of the bargain by following God’s laws and principles, then He will give it to me.

I’ll leave you with this, if you don’t hear a word I say and think I’m totally full of bologna, I hope you will remember what my grandfather, a mighty man of God and someone who I know so many of you respect taught us, that God is a good God.