After having posted several goofy photos of myself, I think it’s Lynn’s turn to share the spotlight of shame. Many of you don’t know what a complete and total spaz my husband is. Well, let me assure you that he and I are a match made in heaven. Out of all the people in my life, I can honestly say that he makes me laugh the most above any other. When we were dating I used to always tell him, “Lynn Mize, you make me laugh. ” And he still does.

Lynn is a man of God with a passion on the inside of him for helping people. Like me, he’s grown up in and around ministry and he’s seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. He has endured his share of hurts, betrayals, and disillusionments like all of us “PK’s” have. (That’s a whole other blog post.) And not just PK’s but all of us. Pain is universal. Crap is universal, like I said yesterday, bird poop is universal. But through it all, Lynn’s passion has remained constant. He wants to help hurting people.

I believe Lynn has the heart of a pastor and any of you that have ever hung out with him can probably attest to this. He is full of the Word of God and if someone comes to him with questions, he is ever ready to pour himself out for them. That’s just Lynn’s heart, and I think it’s beautiful.

He’s one of those people who others are drawn to and they find themselves pouring their life stories out to him without realizing it or knowing why. But the Holy Spirit does. Lynn has a gift of cutting through the bull and getting to the meat of a problem, and he helps people right where they’re at. God uses him that way and it’s amazing.

That’s the kind of ministry I believe we need much, much more of. Ministry that helps people right where they are. That loves them, embraces them, shares the Word with them, and is real with them. A transparency that lets people know that we are all struggling with something, and with the Word of God and the love of each other, we are going to make it, even if we’re total spazzes.