Crick in my neck

Yep, this is what my neck feels like morning. Although not nearly as pretty and pink, but posting a photo of a crunchy old woman really didn’t seem that appealing.

I can’t move my head more than a few degrees to the right or left, so don’t sneak up on me unless you want to witness me wetting my pants.

You guys are great for coming to check out my blog every day. Most mornings I sit down with the computer and I have absolutely no idea what to write, and then by the end of the day I can see how many people have come to read and it makes me feel all the more responsible to write something worth reading!

Today is Sunday, there is church, then Texas Rangers, then Dallas Cowboys, then making sure all homework is done, then we start all over tomorrow. First order of business will be a trip to the chiropractor.

Hope you all have a spectacular day, and can move your heads every which way but loose. Thanks again for reading!