Men don’t have their phones on the golf course

I was on a trip recently and found myself and my coffee sitting on a patio overlooking a golf course early one morning. Incidentally, this is the same patio where the “Bird Poop” post came to me. (Just wanted to bring that up again because it makes my husband so perturbed.)

Anyway, I was watching these men going by on the cart path and teeing off on the 12th hole and it struck me. These men are totally focused on golf. They are not thinking about the grocery list, or the mountain of laundry waiting for them at home. They are singleminded with the task at hand; choosing the right club, calculating the distance to the flag, gauging the wind, etc. They can compartmentalize their day, leave the cell phone in the car, and immerse themselves in the game instead of their brain humming  and buzzing like a giant mass of electricity with no off switch. I think this is such a beautiful thing! We have so embraced the lifestyle of BlackBerrys and iPhones and frankly, I’m tired of it. Since when did multitasking become such a pain in the butt?

I challenge you to stop, take a moment, and tune everything out except the task you’re doing. I am really trying to apply this in my own life. And it’s tough because as a woman, I am hard-wired to think about everything at one time. If I’m trying to help Jaxon with his ridiculously difficult fourth grade math homework, he deserves my full attention instead of me texting, cooking, writing, Facebooking, and  thinking about when he’s finally through so I can go watch “Chuck.” Those things are all fine, but Jax is missing out. And he knows it!

I think multitasking is great, but misused. To you women, try singletasking for a few days, whatever you’re doing, do it really well, and do it with your undivided attention. To you men, who are already so good at this, have a little mercy on your wives,  give her some extra help with the day-to-day stuff so she can have fewer things banging around inside her brain.