Trust God and Tombstone

Inspiration strikes when it strikes, there’s just not a whole lot you can do about it. The other day when I was on that same patio that inspired my last several blog entries, the movie Tombstone crept into my thoughts.

Let me preface that. I’m on the patio, sipping my coffee, enjoying a particularly glorious, cool morning. I’m away from home, away from my laptop, away from my kitchen and laundry room . . . and inspiration strikes. What am I to do? The coffee’s hot, the ideas are flowing, so I just picked up the BlackBerry and went to work. That’s when Tombstone came to me. “Skin that smoke wagon and see what happens . . . Now jerk that pistol and go to work.” Classic. Love it. One of the best movies ever, chock full of greatness.

But back to my point, I picked up the BlackBerry and typed an entire blog post; roughly 400 words typed on a qwerty keyboard. My thumbs were cramping. But hey, better a thumb cramp than a life cramp, right?

The day I started this blog, I just felt the Lord telling me to do something, to give Him something to bless, and that’s been a recurring theme over the last few weeks. I know God is talking to me about stuff, and you wonderful readers have been along for the ride!

But I just encourage you to do what God told you to do; He’ll deal with the cramps. Cramps happen, and it’s OK. Just trust God and jump. He’ll catch you. I honestly try to do what feels right on the inside of me, and my heart is to please God and to help people and I think that’s the key when you are facing a big decision or trying to get an answer from the Lord. You check your heart, check your attitude, check your motive and then trust God and jump. He’ll be your huckleberry.