A do over, please

. . . a continuation of yesterday’s post. The beauty of a blog is that tomorrow you have a fresh, clean, blank screen to start over, to try again, to spice it up or tone it down. You have a second chance. Or in my case, a 28th chance. This is officially my 28th post, I think.

I talked to you yesterday about the dichotomy of my day, the casino, the suicide, the miners, and the “What the heck” of it all. As I reread it, I was disappointed in myself. I read the words, “What does it all mean?” Well, I’ve thought about it all day and I still don’t know what it all means, but I choose not to look at it that way. Let’s face it, life’s a gamble and in the natural, there are just things that are out of our control. Yes, God gave us free will, but He also gave it to every other Tom, Dick, and Harry out there. And we can’t get around the fact that there are people and things we can’t control. Sometimes we roll snake eyes, sometimes bad things happen to good people and we don’t know why.

I cannot boast to know why, but I can tell you of my confidence in finding restoration in the Lord and His Word. The Bible is a book of restitution and hope. It tells me when I am stolen from, the devil has to repay me. The Bible tells me that God can take things that the devil means for evil and He can turn them around for my good. The Bible tells me that all things work together for good where I’m concerned. The Holy Spirit corrected me today. He reminded me that when I don’t understand something, He is my teacher (John 14:26). He reminded me that when I hurt, He is my comforter (John 16:7).

We have a choice in our reactions to the circumstances of life. I don’t mean that we won’t have split second, knee jerk reactions when we face something abrupt, hurtful, or shocking. But we can train ourselves to turn to the Holy Spirit on the inside of us and the Word of God on the inside of us instead of turning to the world’s reactions. And we can’t dip into that reservoir of life-giving Word unless we take the time to fill it up.

So I pass along to you the nudge that the Lord gave me yesterday. Get out of the natural and into the supernatural, and then life’s much less of a crap shoot.


3 Replies to “A do over, please”

  1. That’s exactly correct, Juli. We have to take in the truth of God’s Word, so that when we are “bumped” through the day, the presence of God’s Holy Spirit will be what “spills” out and touches people; not my ugly self. I’m trying to remember to ask the Holy Spirit to fill me each day and sometimes I have to ask for a re-filling throughout the day. If I can do this discipline, He will teach me and give me an eternal perspective.


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