The cherry on our Sunday

So we got up extra early Sunday morning, like almost still dark, early, to drive 45 minutes to a church outside of Tulsa. We had our coffee / Diet Dr. Pepper and we hit the road. While we were driving, Lynn and I had gotten into such a great conversation about the Lord and about our future and we were just generally having a wonderful time. Suddenly, Lynn looked down at the clock and realized we should have arrived at our destination about 20 minutes ago and he said, “Uh, where’s Pryor?”

It was at that moment that he realized he had blown past our turn and we were encroaching upon the state of Missouri.

About 15 seconds after that he realized how dangerously low on fuel we were. We had gone from counting down the “miles to empty” to “low range.” And my sweet husband has had painful experience with getting his truck to the “low range.” Ask him about that sometime; highly entertaining.

So after we stopped laughing we started seriously asking God to help us make it to a gas station, in fact we were asking God for mercy, getting Jaxon’s agreement with us in faith, confessing that we would make it, I mean we were covering all our bases. We were in the middle of nowhere and we couldn’t see any town in front of us or behind us, which just made us laugh harder. Thankfully, we made it to  the Big Cabin truck stop.

Thank the Lord. And this dude greeted us.

While Lynn gassed up, I went in to find a restroom. And that is when I realized that I had hit the mother lode. (Or is it load?) I had hit the jackpot. This truck stop had a little bit of everything. They had shot glasses and mugs.

They had biker jackets and dream catchers.

But the cherry on the sundae, the pièce de résistance, was the pink camo sunglasses. I could not resist them, oh my Lord, they were fabulous. I did not know there was such beauty to be found on Interstate 44.

So we missed church, but we had a great time that morning, just the three of us talking and laughing. We found a fun little breakfast place, where our waitress looked like Carrie Underwood. We got a little sidetracked yeah, but we enjoyed the journey.  Enjoy your journey today, my friends! And don’t forget the pink camo sunglasses, they were the cherry on our Sunday.