Nothing shall offend them?

Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them. Psalm 119:165

Nothing shall offend them? What the what? I’m almost offended just thinking about that. How can that be in the Bible? How can that be true? Have you seen what people do to each other? Have you seen what Christians do to each other?

I’ve been in and around ministry my entire life, I have seen it all, the good the bad and the ugly, and everywhere in between. I’ve seen my family hurting, and I’ve seen them hurt each other. I’ve worked in ministry, I’ve worked in the world, I’ve attended public schools, I’ve attended christian schools. I’ve attended a secular university, I’ve attended a christian university. I have lived all over the USA. Let me tell you, I have seen a LOT. But what all these things have in common is people. And people hurt each other and people get offended. And no good ever comes of it.

Offense breaks up homes, marriages, friendships, it sneaks into relationships like poison and does its stealthy work. Let’s expose it and expunge it. This is a hard lesson to learn, a bitter pill. I have had some experience with it, but I still have lots and lots to learn. It’s amazing how many opportunities come for me to practice.

First of all, you can’t say nothing will offend you until you do the first part of the scripture, and that is to love His law. That means to love the Word of God, to spend time planting it in your heart, to study it, mediate it, and make it a part of your soul. When you get a revelation of His Word in that area, then you have the authority to stand up and say, no! I love the Word of God and I have great peace and I will not be offended. Then it takes a conscious choice, an act of the will to say, no, I choose to forgive that person, I choose to let that go and not be offended.

A dear family friend, Pastor Larry Ollison wrote a book that literally changed my life. It’s called “Breaking the Cycle of Offense.” When I started to grasp what it really meant to live a life without offense, I can’t tell you the freedom it brought me. I do not get offended. It’s a great place to be really. There’s such freedom in just letting it go!

No doubt we will all have opportunities to get offended today, whether it be a big thing or a small thing, but I challenge you to go look up that scripture and let it sink down into your heart. It’s a whole lot more fun to walk through life without dragging along all of your offenses.

Now, after I have preached this to you all, and to myself, tomorrow I am going to give you an opportunity to give it a shot! Stay tuned.


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  1. Wow keep practising girl, ‘cos you are winning and thank God you are on a winning team. Look forward to tomorrows post and if you still got that book send it to me please. I get so much opportunity here to practise and I do not always win, but I do keep trying and I repent when I do not. hahaha. Love ya heaps


  2. So true, Juli. When we aren’t staying in the Word, loving His Word (not just the parts we want to hear) it is easier to become offended. It is so sad, I’ve seen many have all kinds of excuses to hold onto their offense and hurt. Offense is from the devil. It causes us to get our eyes on yourselves, and opens up a door for him to kill, to steal, and destroy. Thank you for your wonderful blog.


  3. Juli, after my morning scripture reading and prayer I begin my day reading your blog…
    more often than not it makes my day brighter and at times gives me something to think about. The pictures of Lynn give me a laugh to start my day. Love that sometimes you just talk other times you really get down and preach to us. Keep it up Juli you are reaching so many that need to hear.

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  4. Juli,
    Thank you!!! I am buying the book you mentioned tomorrow. I witness “offensed” people every day – at work, at home and well, sometimes in the mirror. I thank you for your words and time to write them. Hugs. Jen

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  5. Still so good, even from 4 years ago! This subject reminds me of a duck and how the water just runs off of their backs. Let it go! Let it go! Even if it’s from your family or those you thought were your truest friends.

    Jackie was right in encouraging you about keeping it real and without all the “preachiness”. We PK’s need that! 😀

    Love you!!

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