Shrapnel or toxicity?

So we’re driving down Sheridan Road the other day. I think the speed limit on this road is uhhh, maybe 35 mph? But I’m quite sure my dear friend who was driving was going about 60. And Jaxon is in the backseat, it’s right after school. And if any of you have little boys, you can attest to what they like to do right after school in an airtight car.

So as we are about to go under the underpass of the highway my 9-year-old does what 9-year-olds do. And he does it well. So immediately we are rolling windows down and gasping for air, but simultaneously there are pieces of shrapnel flying around under the underpass in this tornado of wind and debris. In typical Tulsa fashion, we were having 40 mile per hour wind gusts and everything was swirling around in a dervish.

So which way do you go? Let your skin melt off your face from the stink, or risk some flying road debris bashing you in the head? Do you see my dilemma? Jesus take the wheel!

Kids are so funny. And boys are just boys. I know some people get all bent out of shape when little boys do little boy things. But you know, they’re only little boys for a short amount of time. We only have the pleasure of picking them up every afternoon at school for a few precious years. I can attest to the fact that I feel like Jaxon was just a baby a year ago, and now he’s 9! I haven’t gotten my pre-baby body back yet! My stretch marks are still fresh. (I may have crossed the line right there.)

So the next time your precious little boy (or girl, can’t call them totally innocent of this behavior) drops a bomb in your airtight car, keep in mind that pretty soon they’ll be dropping bombs in an airtight dorm room and you won’t have to endure it anymore. Until they come home for Christmas, that is.