9 and 11

I really should have seen this coming. Notice the tape? Yeah, they got me good. And after I stopped shrieking from the cold, I could hear their manic giggling from upstairs where they were (still) playing Modern Warfare. Even the dog was laughing with them. But they are 9 and 11 for Pete’s sake, whatta ya gonna do?

I love these boys. One of them came directly through me, but the other one is my precious nephew, Paul’s son, who I love like my own. I’m so thankful that we live close and that these boys can hang out on the weekends and do boy things. Even if they include me getting soaking wet or cleaning up muddy boot prints all over my house.

Here are some photos of those aforementioned “boy things.” Disclaimer: All photos were taken by me pointing my very unsophisticated camera toward the back of the car while I was driving. I’m not sure it was legal, but the photos turned out really funny. Also, don’t tell Jaxon, but Colton beat him, fair and square.

And after the photography was over, I tuned it all out with Abba. There’s nothing like Fernando to make road trips just fly by.


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