Does your child do this?

Does your child do this? If not, would you please make me feel better by telling me what your child does that’s infuriating?

If your child doesn’t do anything that’s infuriating, would you just pray for me?



7 Replies to “Does your child do this?”

  1. Honey, if that’s all he does you ain’t seen nothing yet – as the saying goes. WE adopted 5 children and you can’t even imagine the messes. What? A clothes basket, a trash can, a dresser – what are these for? I’m sure in time your son will do all things well. It takes a lot of years to train in these areas! Love your posts!


  2. Yes, all of them. Even with the laundry basket strategically placed in the bathroom. To get them cleaned up, I have to put in a specific request for each clothing item. In fact, now, just to avoid frustration, if I see that he has changed clothing, I just say, “go get your clothes off the floor”. If I listed all offenses to which I respond by being infuriated, I would have to set up my own daily blog:)


  3. HA ha ha ha ha. Ooooh, this is a delightful turn of events.
    It seems I remember all manner of bathroom terrors in my daughter’s bathrooms.
    For instance….my girls would never empty the trash can. It sat in a corner, and thus it could be filled to the brim and then the trash would literally climb up the wall in pyramid form until one day the whole mish mash of used kleenex, smushed make-up boxes, and a less-than-savory list of other icky things would tumble to the floor. There to lie for days.
    But, wait, there’s more. You, too, will experience a series of unimaginable messes as your guy grows. The bigger the guy, the bigger the messes.
    I am so glad he is well worth the trouble. He rocks.
    And, so do you!


  4. Almost-3-year-old Hannah has, this week, at two separate times flushed an entire roll of toilet paper down the toilet, and then last night she was unrolling one when she got caught. Does that help any?


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