What about the big foxes?

We’ve all heard about the little foxes.  Song of Songs 2:15  warns, Catch us the foxes, The little foxes that spoil the vines, For our vines have tender grapes. That is true and valid and we seem to be pretty well prepared to spot those coming from a mile away. But what about the big foxes that you think are not foxes? What about the big, good-looking, safe-looking person standing in front of you telling you that you can’t do it or you’re not anointed, or you’re not gifted, or what do you have to offer? What about the wolves in sheep’s clothing? What about the wolves in Christian’s clothing? That’s a much tougher thing to spot. And most times a painful realization.

People are just people and they are not always so closely clued into what the Lord is doing in YOUR life. And I cut people all kinds of slack because I know they mean well and they want the best for us, etc. But when it comes to what the Lord is asking of us, the buck stops right here, with us.

In my own life, I’ve been through a lot of turmoil. Some of it I’ve handled well, other parts, not so much. But something I am really trying to grasp a hold of with both hands and both feet is doing what God wants me to do, no matter what. And being first and foremost centered on pleasing God, not man. If my heart is soft before God and I’m truly seeking His plan for me, then I know it’s going to be OK. Even if some people around me don’t exactly like it.

Whatever God is asking you to do, whatever urging you feel in your heart, whatever gifts you’ve not been using, I encourage you to take one small step towards that mark. I’m not saying ditch everything and dive into a new life, I just mean take a step, even a small one. Go do something, give God something to bless.

That’s what I did when I started this blog. I’ve always wanted to write, and to help people.  And I didn’t know what to do, or how to start, or how to imagine stepping out in faith, but if you remember reading back in my early posts (go-do-something), I told you that I was taking a step of faith, even a small one, and in that obedience I was trusting God to bless it and expect more manna tomorrow. So far, I’ve written this blog for about a month and a half and God has been faithful to supply my manna, every single day. He will do the same for you.