Special guest star

Hey everyone, here’s a very relevant post by my special guest blogger, the very right Reverend Lynn N. Mize, aka, Lynn, aka my husband. Here’s what he looks like, but this picture is 4 years old and I’ve given him more gray hair since then.

Are people really people too? Yeah I agree, not a very coherent thought. What I mean is that we all “preach” be nice to people. We all tell our kids to be sweet to the little rascal in their class. We throw “The Golden Rule” about commonly to our kids and after seeing the disbelieving look on their faces and watching them mentally recount all the ugly things we’ve said about and done to folks, we sanctimoniously utter our favorite get outta jail free card “Do as I say, not as I do.” Wow, really!?

We all know how we’ve been hurt and what we’ve been through. We can all recite the wrongs done to us alphabetically. But what about the guy that just cut in line or the woman that just nearly ran us off the road? How about the turkey that just said something so outta line to us? Are they people too? Does that mean we have to be nice to them?

There are always times we have to stand up for ourselves and that’s a good thing if done properly. The part that concerns me is that we always act like what’s been done to us is an affront directed at us instead of seeing the real issue which is “What’s eating on that person?” “Wonder what their life is like?” “Is there something I can say or do to make them know that Jesus loves them and that I can empathize with cruddy days?”

I suppose it’s par for the course these days to make it about us. We live in what’s got to be the most self-centered world yet. Our culture almost demands that we outdo one another’s narcissism. A culture war really, one where culture talks loud and righteousness is seemingly outdated. One where it’s not about others but about our personal perception and feelings. One where it doesn’t matter what’s right or wrong but what emotions it stirs in our deepest places. Well, I’m calling foul. I’m not gonna be that guy. I refuse to make it about me. I choose to try to be the solution instead of the problem. I choose to follow the example of Jesus and say that it’s not my will but God’s will. I choose to give solutions and help and love and encouragement and money and time. I refuse to say “It’s not my problem.” It is our problem . . . Jesus is the answer and if we aren’t the conduit between Him and hurting people (even if they’re nasty), then who will be?

I guess people are people after all . . . and they hurt. Whatcha gonna do about it? Oh wait, what am I gonna do about it?