A bit of housekeeping

It is finished! The battle is over! It is finished! And there’ll be no more war! (With WordPress) How many of you are humming at this point? Maybe just those of you over 30. And grew up in church. And are preacher’s kids. OK, maybe I’m the only one.

I am out of diapers! At least my blog is. I personally am still having minor issues; maybe I’m still wearing a pull-up.

A giant thanks to Eugene, who’s name is really Yevgeniy, who I call Eu-Genius, my new friend and mentor, who is half my age. He made it so you all don’t have to type in the WordPress address anymore. Now you will find everything at www.julimize.com.

There will be a grande Caramel Macchiato for him the next time I see him.

It literally took him 10 minutes, if that. I have studied the papers, I have read the articles, I have even called BlueHost, my web hosting service, who snickered at me and sent me an article to read. And Eu-Genius did it in 10 minutes, probably while he was eating a sandwich and playing an Xbox game. Kids.

Anyway, now you can access my faith and foibles by going to www.julimize.com. Wow, that sounds both cool and scary. Isn’t it funny that the domain was available? I guess having a weird name spelling finally worked in my favor; thanks Mom!