You’ve got something to say

I’m a writer. A novice, for sure, but a writer nonetheless. I have written in the Terry and Jackie Mize voice for over a decade, now I’m learning to write in the Richard and Lindsay Roberts voice. And for the last two months, I’ve been finding the Juli Mize voice here on this blog.

I am so blessed to be able to put pen to paper for these two great ministries. Both of which are all about helping people, getting them saved, set free, and victorious in life. And while all of us say things in different ways, our hearts are the same. We love people, we feel called to the ministry, and we are contributing in our own way. Dad doesn’t preach like Terry and Terry doesn’t preach like Dad. Lindsay and Jackie have two very different voices, but they both bring a life-changing message and are a tremendous blessing to whomever they preach, especially women.

Not everybody can preach, not everybody can write, not everybody can sing, or cook or dance. But everybody can do something, and they can do it in their own voice.

Find that voice and speak in it, write in it, decorate in it, cook in it, sing in it, dance in it, help people in it. However you do it, you’ve got something to say.


4 Replies to “You’ve got something to say”

  1. Wow Juli….I need to meditate on this one. I have been praying and asking for help on a decision I need to make and I think the answer is in your message. I will read it again, pray about, think about and read it again. I gather you are speaking to me and have pushed me to the edge as it is time to get up off my duff and do something. Something I have been pondering. Will get back atcha in a few days and let you know what. Thanks Juli……keep on keepin’ on….you’re doin’ good there girl.


  2. It’s such a beautiful voice you have whether the pen or vocal. I know you are on the right track and keep praying for you. There are many who need to hear what you are saying so keep up the good work of Faith, my love


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