Jaxon said what?

So we are driving home from school today and I had this bottle of water in my cup holder.

I am always thirsty on the way home from school, I guess it could be due to the very salty, unhealthy lunch I had a few hours before. But today in particular, when I reached down for my water, my very observant and highly intelligent nine-year old said, “Mom, don’t drink that! It was warm today and that water has been sitting there for hours and germs breed in a warm environment!”

I put the bottle down and asked him to elaborate.

That was my mistake.

“You see all those little bubbles in there?” He said.


“That’s because all the germs have been farting.”


5 Replies to “Jaxon said what?”

  1. That just made me laugh. Thanks for sharing Jaxon’s comical insight on how germs reprouce in our water bottles. I will think twice about drinking the left over water in the car from know on. I love the imagination of our childrens minds. They come up with ideas that I would never think of.


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