Sushi rolled

So our Betta fish, Sushi, met his maker today. I don’t know why, we didn’t do anything differently, I guess he just swam his last lap. Jaxon was not sad. In fact, he was rather interested in flushing him down the toilet. He has seen it in movies and always wanted to do it.

Do we get another one?

Do we pretend it didn’t happen? Pretend he didn’t die? Keep on living ignoring the fact that Sushi is no more?Do we quickly replace him with another one just like him? Do we hurry to make things exactly the same? Or could we possibly count this as a blessing? Do I have to take on another fish? Or should I go further down this road; buy a real tank, more fish, etc.?

Have I asked enough questions?

And how does that make you feel . . . ?

I’ll stop now. It’s been a weird day.