The hands

. . . To Wives and Mothers

So I’m sitting at my desk this morning, hands on the keyboard. And I looked at them. Really looked at them. Do you ever really look at your hands? They can tell a lot about a person.

My nails are short and unpolished. My cuticles aren’t in the best shape. I see what I think might be an age spot, God help me. I see a wedding ring that’s been on my finger for 14 years. A little farther up is my watch, which my husband gave me this summer when we went on a cruise. Our first. I treasure it.

My skin doesn’t look like it did when I was twenty. But my hands have been through a lot. They’ve been a wife, they’ve been a mother, they’ve been a homemaker. They’ve been a hard worker. And they’ve been glue to hold everything together.

How many times have you come home from a trip and your husband and children are hungry and naked, hugging you, begging you to never leave them home alone again?

Moms, wives, keepers of the home, I applaud you today. You are the heart of the family.

Tomorrow when you are about to sit down to your Thanksgiving table and someone “blesses the hands that prepared the meal” . . . receive that blessing. You ARE blessed. God has entrusted you with the heart of a family, the love of children, and the devotion of a husband. You are a crucial part of your family. You cannot be replaced. You are so very valuable.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Enjoy your families this weekend. And thanks for reading.