My grown-up tree

The Saturday after Thanksgiving. I braved Garden Ridge again, this time, alone. Since hubby bought us a new tree yesterday, I needed 2 more strands of red bead garland and some more ornaments. Yay, me!

What a lovely day it has been. Got the tree finished, the stockings hung. And now chicken is thawing because there are no more leftovers.

Jax has a cousin over and they are intermittently playing Xbox and dreaming up things they want for Christmas. I have been jotting them all down because invariably, when I get ready to shop for Jaxon, I’ve forgotten everything he told me.

Here is my tree this year.

It is a foreign tree to me as it is the first time ever I have had white lights. I just love colored lights, they feel like Christmas to me. As do the funky ornaments and silliness like jalapeno lights. I think it is something leftover from my childhood. I got stuck somehow in the Christmas of an 8-year-old and never grew up. Lynn graciously just rolled with me for all these years, never pressuring me to grow up and put up an adult tree. He let me take my own sweet time until I was ready to enter the adult Christmas world.

So Christmas of 2010, I am officially a grown-up. Maybe the fact that I spend more money covering my gray hair than on the electric bill should have clued me into this fact. But at least now maybe I will stop shopping in the juniors department and wearing Bonne Bell Lip Smacker.


2 Replies to “My grown-up tree”

  1. I’ve been out of my parents house for 6 years now and have yet to put my own tree, I know… Yours looks very grown up though kudos!! Oh and bonne bell vanilla swirl is where it’s at!!


  2. YAY, white lights! I’ll have to break the news to my mother gently though… you and she were the last “grown-ups” I knew that just loved those little colored lights :o))


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