God and the swimsuit

Jaxon’s school has a little swimming program and the fourth grade boys get to swim every Tuesday. It has posed a challenge for me to always remember to send his swimsuit and towel each Tuesday. Even when I put it at the top of the stairs where I actually have to step over it in order to make it down to the coffee maker.

Well, this particular Tuesday, I forgot the swimsuit and the moment I sent Jax out the door to school and headed upstairs to get ready for work, I remembered. At that precise moment, my phone rang and it was Lynn. They were halfway to school, and Jaxon had just said, “Swim day!” So then Lynn fixed everything, he saved the day. He calmed the storm and solved the problem. I heard Lynn tell him, “Mom will bring it to you.”

Jaxon’s response? “OK, cool.”

Simple acceptance. Blind faith. Total trust that Mom would bring the swimsuit to school. Never a doubt, never a question. Never a maybe she will get busy and forget, or a maybe it’s silly of me to ask her to do that, maybe she has bigger issues than my swimsuit. No need to ask her again and again, just total faith that I would do what I said I would do.

That is how we should approach God. He knows what we need, and He knows what we want. He knows the desires of our heart, the Bible says. He also cares about all our little issues. Why can’t we trust God that He will do what His Word says He’ll do? Why do we get so bogged down in the problem that we forget to thank God for the answer? Do we really think that Mom will honor her word more than God will honor His? Does Mom’s word hold more weight with us than God’s?

My friends, it seems like we may have some adjustments to make.