A different kind of glee

Let me preface this post by telling you that under no circumstances will I ever divulge what was so funny. Even if you sit on me and yank out my fingernails, I will never tell. It’s way too embarrassing. But suffice to say, if laughter doeth good like a medicine, then I OD’ed that night.

Have you ever laughed so hard that you truly were crying, I mean tears streaming down your face, pee your pants, fall on the floor, can’t get up, laughing? Those moments are the absolute best. I live for them.

I don’t know who took these pictures, I assume it was Lynn simply because he knows how much I love a good laugh and he has been known to video me at those moments. (More on that later!)

That night was so fun, it was so liberating, it was so hilarious, it was so gleeful. And it FELT SO GOOD. That kind of deep soul-satisfying laughter really does feel great. No matter what might be going on in your life, losing yourself in that just takes you to another place for a little while. And when you get back, you sit there and giggle and maybe fall back into it a few more times, and then giggle some more. And then go check your face because your mascara is dripping off your chin.

And the best part of the trip is, there’s no hangover!

It’s like revving an engine . . . it just kind of blows all the gunk out and gives you a fresh, clean start. What a perfect image to have in mind as we launch into 2011. A big engine blow-out. Oh, wait. No. That’s not a good image.

Let me start over. My New Year’s resolution is to laugh until I pee my pants more.

Yikes. That’s not so good either.

Maybe just click on this link and have a laugh with me. (You will be redirected to Facebook.)


In closing, I wish you a GLEEFUL New Year.