What happened?

This is my son. To quote a really famous guy, this is my son in whom I am well pleased. However, I’d like to know what happened here. How did I create this little bloodthirsty human?

I played with Barbies and Easy-Bake ovens, and Hollie Hobbie. I watched Bugs Bunny and Roadrunner. He plays with rifles . . . real ones.

When I hurt myself, I scraped up my knee after falling off my bike with the little streamers coming off the handlebars. When he hurts himself, there are thorns involved.

When I had to go to the bathroom during long car trips, we found a gas station. When he has to go, he looks for an empty water bottle.

The only thing I ever killed was a bug. The things he kills have something called a gut sack. (I have pictures, but I will spare you.) Oh, little boys. They are awesome.

My husband Lynn and his Dad took this brood hunting in South Texas. It is the highlight of their year. I’m so glad they get to do it. It builds relationships between the cousins and their Papa and it is a beautiful thing.

It is also a beautiful thing that while they were shooting things and wrestling with cacti, I was here.

Building relationships with these beauties.

So I guess it all worked out just perfectly.