Today’s random thoughts

1.      Have you ever heard the expression, “Were you born in a barn?” Well, Jesus was.

2.      How do you get through a work day when you’re bored? You be thankful that you are not tearing your hair out with stress and begging God to send Jesus back for the rapture ASAP.

3.      I Googled my home address and it showed a two-year-old picture of my house with my car in the driveway. Creepy! (This directly relates to #2)

4.      My hair stylist told me I was approximately 50% gray. I immediately scheduled my next year of coloring appointments. I also asked her to check my ears for errant hairs just in case that has come upon me as well.

5.      I talked about deer in rut on Facebook yesterday and it seemed to strike a nerve.

6.      My husband has to drive to Missouri this evening. I bet he will be thankful for the bun-warmers in his truck.

7.      Jaxon bombed a Math test last week. We both cried.

8.      If you’re going to ask Jesus to take the wheel, you should invite Him to take the gas and brake too.

That’s all I’ve got for today. Sorry I couldn’t make it to 10 random thoughts. But at least it’s an even number. That is very important to some folks, just ask Lynn.

Happy Tuesday!


2 Replies to “Today’s random thoughts”

  1. 9. If the dog sneezes, should one say ‘Bless you’.
    10. A salad of fresh baked croutons and sliced tomatoes is a good thing. The green part is not always important. Add shaved Parm and lemon/evoo dressing.


  2. I think you last 2 statements qualified as 9 and 10 because they contained 2 more random thoughts. So you did make it to 10 in my mind!
    See another reason to be GLAD!!!!!
    I love you, Your Faithful Aunt and Reader, Debbie


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