A true-blue spectacle

I have been reading through testimonies this week at O.R.M. People call in or write in and testify to a healing in their body or a miracle in their family, or a turnaround in their finances. It is astounding to see what God has done for people. And to think that I sometimes wonder if He’s really going to take care of my issues! Pshaw.

I read about instantaneous miracles and I read about people who combined the prayer of faith with medicine and experienced healing that way. Either way is A-OK by me; as long as the person is healed, that’s all that counts. But it takes more than faith that God can do miracles, it takes faith that He will do them for you. That’s the key.

If faith comes by hearing (Romans 10:17), and I’ve read through miracle testimonies all day, every day for a week, then my faith has been built up that God does miracles. Nobody can tell me that God doesn’t do miracles. I’ve seen it… on paper… in black and white…  all week. And even if I hadn’t, I’ve seen it my whole life thanks to growing up in ministry and then marrying into it. I’ve seen all kinds of miracles. I know without a doubt that God does miracles. But my faith for a miracle for myself can only come when I believe that God wants to and will do the same for me. And that’s where the Word comes in. Time spent in the Word of God produces miracles. It just does.

The Bible says that healing is for me. (Matthew 4:23) Jesus went about healing all manner of sickness and disease in all the people He came across. If Jesus did that then and the heart of God hasn’t changed, then I know that healing is for me. And that’s just one of countless scriptures that tell me that God will meet my needs, see me through storms, and walk with me through the valleys.

You know, being a Christian doesn’t mean rosy pathways and bubblegum dreams. This life is hard! The devil is real and he’s looking for how he can steal, kill, and destroy. But God said He would prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. (Psalm 23:5) God said He would not leave me or forsake me. (Psalm 27:9) And God said that He would heal all my diseases. (Psalm 103:3)

God is a miracle-working God. I know it. I live by it. I count on it. His Word is where the miracles are. We just have to get into the Book, find those precious promises, and believe them.