Fun with my prayer language

Sobrecita basha talonga de sit ova leshioto masheco. So londia sabrecata tera le no vio satamon dego.

Have you ever prayed in your prayer language and tried to type it? It’s wild. Kinda fun, actually. This was a first for me. I don’t know why I’ve never thought about it before. I mean, I’ve been praying in tongues since childhood, I use a computer all day long, I am a writer… why have I never put all three of these together to see what happens?

I tried it by saying some words in the spirit, and then typing them, phrase by phrase. It was hilarious! And I didn’t know where to break up the words so I just kind of hit the space bar every few syllables. I totally think it looks like a real language, like someone could read it and tell me exactly what it means. I’m thinking a mixture of Spanish, Greek, and Sioux. (Although, that might be because I watched a little of Dances With Wolves last night. Ta-tonka!)

I realize I am freaking out about half of my readers with this. Either you think I’m a nut-job for trying to get my prayer language down on paper, or you think I’m a nut-job because you and the Holy Spirit aren’t on speaking terms. Or, you just think I’m a nut-job but you read my blog for laughs anyway. I tend to agree with you, I am a bit of a nut. But my relationship with the Holy Spirit is serious business to me and I pray in my prayer language all the time.

OK, back to my little experiment. Have you ever then taken that sentence you wrote and run it through a translation program? That’s very interesting too. I ran it through a program that detects the language and it came out a lot like Spanish. I actually said the phrase, “So you did not see,” at some point in there.

Now, I am not naïve and silly enough to think I could translate my prayer language though my brain or through a computer program. But I do believe if I want to know what I’m saying, I can ask the Holy Spirit to show me and He will. I can ask Him to reveal the mysteries that my heart is speaking to my natural mind. That fascinates me. I’ve just recently starting asking that question. For many years, I was content to just pray and know that my spirit was saying whatever needed to be said. But now I want to know what I’m talking about. Enquiring minds want to know!

So when (and if) you talk to God in your prayer language, ask Him what you’re saying. I believe He wants to show us.