A miracle is a miracle

Jaxon goes to a Christian school, and I’m so grateful. And he is being raised in a Christian home, I am grateful for that too. But his little heart for the Lord is what I’m most grateful for.

He came home from school with an English paper last week, and on this paper, he had to write the definition of a miracle. For what purpose, I’m not sure, but he wrote, “A miracle is when God does something that a man could never do.” The teacher wrote on his paper, “Amen, Jaxon!” It was very cute.

But more than cute, it’s a revelation that I wish more adults had. Miracles are real, and they happen all the time. God is a miracle-working God. That’s His business. I read a testimony last week at ORM where the person who had been healed sent in the doctor’s report and it read, “The tumor is vaporized.” I love to hear that. The power of God went in and vaporized it. And my child has a simple acceptance and trust of this fact. God does miracles, period.

Sometimes I think we have a limited view of what a miracle really is. There are miracles all around us that we don’t even see. It is miraculous that someone  is healed on the spot, just as it is miraculous that a third party, such as a doctor can diagnose a problem, give you medicine for it, your body respond exactly the way it’s supposed to, and you recover. Just think of all the things that have to come in line for that to happen. So many things could go wrong!

I think it’s a miracle when prayer and medicine come together to bring healing and restoration. I think we ought to take healing any way it comes to us. I for one go to the doctor, I take medicine when needed, I’ve even had surgery. But I prayed and believed God for everything to go smoothly and for the doctor to be led by the Holy Spirit, and that there would be no complications and that I would recover quickly. And you know what? That all happened and I’m healthy and well. I’ve seen it not go well with surgeries and I’m grateful that I’ve got the inside track to the healer. Just think of what could and does happen in cases where the prayer of faith was not raised. Things can get dicey in a hurry.

And sadly, sometimes all the prayer in the world goes forth and people die. People do die. That’s one of those questions along with about a million others that I’ll be asking the Lord when I get to heaven. Why do people who are praying and believing God not get healed? Why do other people get healed instantaneously such as someone who had hands laid on them at a healing meeting and then, bam! They’re healed. And they hadn’t been in the Word or using their faith or believing God or anything. Just a freebie. Yep, I’ve seen that too. Another question to add to my list.

I could blog for years about all my questions, I’m sure you could too. As I get older, the balance shifts between my questions and my answers. I used to think I had all the answers and now I think I have very few answers and a whole lotta questions. I’ll be 39 next week and I’m quite sure I know more than I did at 29, but I’ll be the first to tell you that I don’t know nothin’. I’m just a baby in the things of God. He’s so much bigger than my little mind can grasp. He’s capable of so much more than I can conceive.

I’m so glad I’m on His team; aren’t you?