I know that I know less now than I knew when I thought I knew it all

I have had over 7000 hits on this blog. What the what? How did that happen? Oh, I know, because I write silly stories about my son and/or dog passing gas.

But seriously folks, I’m glad you keep coming back for more. You guys are so great, you’re patient with me, you’re encouraging to me, and you give me chance after chance to get it right, you’re really kind of like God. Except not in a blasphemous, freaky way, in the sweet, kind, patient way.

The last few days I have had an overwhelming sense of thankfulness for all of God’s blessings in my life, including you! God is so faithful to me, even when I screw up. And trust me, I do that all the time. I mentioned in my last post that I turned 39 this week, and I know that I know less now than I knew when I thought I knew it all.

Uh, what? Is there an editor out there? Anywhere?

When I think of mistakes I’ve made and paths I started down over the years, God’s mercies are so obvious to me. It’s a good thing His mercies are new every morning, (Lamentations 3:23) because I have definitely made good on that promise.

A very wise friend once pointed out to me how important and how powerful it is to thank God for all the blessings in my life. I don’t just mean a little “Thank you, Lord,” but she told me to take time to go through the file cabinet in my mind and thank Him for all the good things in my life. When I started doing this, when I started trying to actually list all the things I’m thankful for, I was truly shocked. The more things I thanked Him for, the more things I realized I should be thankful for. I started practicing this and eventually it has become a habit, a great habit.

I have since gotten a new revelation of God’s goodness and an entirely new perspective on His faithfulness. The Bible tells us to forget not all His benefits, (Psalm 103:2). A great way to do that is to make yourself say them out loud. You may start out by just saying, “I’m thankful for my family.” That’s a good place to start. But then get down to basics and start thanking God for specifics. You’ll find that the more you things you thank Him for, the more you’ll think of. Try it!

I am thankful for you, my faithful readers. I’m so glad you enjoy my writing, I’m so thankful for your comments and support, I’m so thankful to God if He’s allowed me to be a blessing to you in some small way, even if it’s just to make you chuckle. I pray God will continue to give me things to say, and people to listen. And thanks for all your kind birthday wishes. And yes, BJ. I am now officially older than dirt.