Little women

I have these precious nieces, I have five of them actually. But three live here in Tulsa and I get to see them a lot. They are precious girls and I adore them. I was in the hospital with their Mommas the day each of them was born and now they are big and beautiful. They make me feel old.

I love having a relationship with these little women. I love laughing with them, I love learning from them. I love hearing about the cute boys in their classes, I love watching their little senses of style develop, I love seeing their talents emerge. I love watching them grow into sweet young women that love the Lord and love their family.

I’ll never forget the special relationships I had with my own aunts and my Mom’s girlfriends. They were wonderful to me, they were like a whole pack of Moms and I loved each of them for different things. That’s what I hope these girls grow up thinking about me. I want them to know that I was there for them, that they could always talk to me, that I was a friend, and that I loved them. But most importantly, I want them to see me now and always as a woman of God.

I love you, Kiley, Ashlyn, and Avery, you are very special to me!