With my apologies

I am topic-less this evening. My mind is a to-do list, a constant running list that keeps growing as quickly as I can check things off. Do you ever feel that way?

Jaxon has a big school project he’s working on. And by he, I mean we. Lynn leaves tomorrow for 10 days in Honduras and Guatemala. That’s another story for another day. I am trying to climb to the pinnacle of the Mount Everest of laundry so that my husband will not be naked while he preaches, and my son will not be naked while he goes to school and learns a two-page speech about Jackie Robinson. And of course, I hope to not be naked tomorrow when I go to work and write very spiritual things.

My poor puppy got into God-knows-what in the backyard yesterday when it was so warm out and has been puking for 24 hours. Why do dogs feel the need to throw up on the rug when there is 10 times more tile floor they could use? No, they choose that little spot of soft carpet. Why? I need to know this.

I got my watch fixed today, and while I was at the jewelry store they offered to clean my wedding ring for free. I said, “Go for it!” I couldn’t remember the last time I’d had it cleaned. So the gal took off with my two rings, my wedding band and my engagement ring. She came back out shortly to notify me that she couldn’t clean the band for me. She said, “Were you aware that you have a chunk out of one of the diamonds in the band?” Uh, no. I had no idea. I looked at it closely, I could not even see it! I laughed out loud when she showed it to me. I told her, 14 years ago, I could see that diamond! Now I need the little magnifying thingy she had hanging around her neck.

So I left my wedding band there to have the setting tightened so that the sad little broken diamond won’t fall out with her promises to have to finished by Thursday, because I’m leaving town Friday to go see my sister in Chattanooga and I don’t want to be ring-less. Or more specifically, wedding ring-less, because I do still have my engagement ring, and it is very clean and shiny, by the way. (Oh, thank you Christi for turning 40 before me, because I’m so not ready.)

It feels weird to just have this engagement ring on. I remember the day Lynn gave it to me. We watched a Chicago Bulls game together and ate Domino’s pizza at his apartment. It was highly romantic. I took pictures of my hand later that evening when I was back at my apartment. My skin was young and tanned. My fingernails were long and polished. (You know, back then you never walked around without a manicure if you were hoping to get proposed to.) And my camera was NOT digital. And I did NOT have a cell phone. And I was neither a Mac nor a PC. And I didn’t know what global warming was, and I didn’t have a child. I had a cat and a tiny one-bedroom apartment with an upside down moving box serving as a coffee table. My, I’ve come a long way.

I have a big house, a big mortgage, a big dog, no manicure, no tan, several cell phones and computers and digital cameras, and I’m still not sure about the global warming thing, because I am currently freezing my tail off. Oh wait, we call it climate change now. I just call it Oklahoma.

Good night, friends. I sure hope you can turn your brain off and rest tonight. That is my goal.