One cold Oklahoma puppy

I love living in Oklahoma; the weather here is never boring. And we have the uncanny ability to come up with witty weather words like gustnado and thundersnow, like somehow because we live here, we can invent words out of thin air.

I love how people get all twisted up about the weather. And I love how people get all twisted up about people getting all twisted up about the weather.

I love how the grocery stores run out of milk and hamburger meat and toilet paper. Like we are spending our snow days eating hamburgers, locked in the bathroom.

I love how the kids use the embankments beside the highways for sledding, and long lines of SUV’s line the shoulder with parents inside sipping Starbuck’s and talking on their iPhones.

I love watching dogs run through the snow like their tails are on fire.

I love how life just stops during a big snowstorm and we can just sit back and enjoy it. How boring would it be to live in a place where blizzards happen all winter long and they don’t get to skip work or skip school or make up words?

I love watching the local weather reporters bundle up and go outside and do a live feed. Don’t they know we really don’t need them to do that? We can see the snow right out of front doors.

I love having absolutely nowhere to go so I don’t feel any guilt about staying in my PJ’s all day.

So, for many of you, it’s just a regular Tuesday. But for Oklahoman’s, it’s Snowmageddon!

Stay warm today, my friends!


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