Christine Michelle

I have to fly out tomorrow, or more accurately, I get to fly out tomorrow to the balmy climate of Tennessee, where the temperature is freezing, but 30 degrees warmer than here. I am so excited to go celebrate my sweet sissy’s birthday. And as I have mentioned, I am so glad she’s turning 40 before me. I can watch her go through it and I just know I will feel better about the whole thing.

I love my sister, I love all of my sisters. We all have very different but very special relationships. Christi is a treasure. She knows everything there is to know about me; the good, the bad, and the ugly. She’s been there through all my achievements, all my failures, all my hurts, and all my joys. And I have been there through hers. She is a gift from God and I’m grateful for her. Even though she had so much cuter hair than me when we were little.

See what I mean?

So all you Facebook friends of mine, please wish her a Happy Birthday on Saturday, February 5th. I will be with her, celebrating like crazy. I love you, Cwithy!


2 Replies to “Christine Michelle”

  1. I have been reading through all of your blogs tonight…missing your beautiful face…wondering how you are “handling” another boat ride. lol.

    I love you…you are precious to me and I wanted you to know.


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