The baby grand

So I have this friend. This friend had a big beautiful grand piano in her living room. She loved pianos all her life and hoped and prayed to have one in her home some day.

This friend always gave freely of herself. She was a blessing wherever she went. She gave and gave and helped people. Recently, God blessed her with a second piano. He’s cool like that. But my friend didn’t have room for two pianos.

So my friend asked her friend, me, if I liked pianos.

Did I have one?

Did I have room for one?

Did I know how to play one

What kind of piano would I like if I got to choose the perfect piano?

My answers were yes, no, yes, no, and dark brown baby grand.

What do you know? That’s exactly the kind of piano that she didn’t have room for. So Friday morning, I am having a dark brown baby grand piano delivered to my house to be featured beautifully and prominently in my living room. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me.

Now, for the sake of accuracy in reporting, I must tell you that this is not an outright gift, but it will be “stored” at my house . . . indefinitely.

I have always wanted a baby grand piano, always. I had them through my childhood in nearly all my houses (we moved a lot), and they just meant to me that I was home. I remember going to sleep many nights to the sound of my mother playing the piano. I remember hours of lying on my back underneath it, contemplating life. I remember the alternating hollow and muffled sounds it made when I pressed the foot pedals. I remember how it smelled. Mmm, it was a happy smell.

This friend of mine couldn’t know what a sweet blessing this piano is to me. She didn’t know me through my childhood, she doesn’t know anything about my feelings about baby grand pianos. But God does. He knows our deepest thoughts, He knows what will bring us joy. He knows what will fill that little empty spot in our hearts. He knows US. That’s just one of the many things I love about the Lord.

He knows you that same way.


2 Replies to “The baby grand”

  1. Such magical, sweet memories you share with us Juli. God bless your friend, for being an… instrument of peace, beauty,… healing.

    I can just imagine you delightfully beneath a special piano… of hearing and feeling the one who bore you play her heart out… to Jesus, to life’s rolling punches & challenges, to you. Precious.

    Tis no wonder you are delighted to have such a fine instrument grace your home. Yet it wasn’t just the instrument.

    How well I understand. Lament with much guilt I never insisted on a piano for my children. My parents had “blessed” me with a Wurlitzer, good enough to learn the keys, from Chopin to Manilow…. (or was he the same dude?) My own grandmother, Elsie was her name, had been a magnificent concert pianist, touring the country nearly a century ago in an era when women rarely performed so bravely. Later in life, she invested, with a fine young engineer, in a farm and a family. And then the depression hit so cruelly. Yet decades hence, I never once heard any complaints, of anything negative. Just knew and watched of how she gave, she gave… of how she shared her talents with a humble local church, of her love, her gentle grace with all.

    My own father used to tell me of how his mother late at night at the farmhouse would play for the ages, on the piano downstairs. Night after night, he could go to sleep hearing the classics thunder and sing from that groaning piano. My father’s sister Estelle went on from that humble nest to win the Voice of Tomorrow contest… stunning all the country neighbors who didn’t quite realize the genes that resided near.

    They are all gone now…. Estelle just this past Christmas. I miss them dearly. I can imagine young Bill and Estelle hearing their mother play, and feeling the love, of the world making sense, from within the cocoon she spun for them.

    I feel them now. Sacred images to me.

    Dearest Juli, no, you could not know either. And yet…. in sharing your own precious memory, such images rekindle others.

    You have more friends than you yet know.


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