I’m cheap, and I can’t dance

I am friends with technology. Not BFF’s, but friends. We say hi to each other in the hallways, but I would not let her borrow my lip gloss. I would let her copy off of my math homework, but I wouldn’t invite her to my slumber party.

Technology and I are fighting this week. I am on a boat right now. I was on an airplane yesterday. Each of these modes of transportation does offer internet service. But they make you jump through endless hoops and spend hundreds of dollars to get online. It just irks me. I have this great laptop; I have wi-fi enabled on it. I have extra long battery life, and of course I have power cords. I have a nifty carrying case for all my electronic doo-dads. I even brought my reading glasses for when I have to get down and dirty and do a final proof-read of a blog post. (Hey, I’m not 20 anymore!) But I can’t deal with the insane charge to hook up to the on-board wi-fi. I just can’t do it.

Call me old-fashioned, but I think if you pay for an airline ticket or a cruise fare, you should be able to access the on-board internet that is there for our use. They just want to squeeze a little more dough out of you. As if we haven’t already produced enough cookies for them. Double You Tee Heck?

So I am writing this blog in a plain old Word document and when I can find some free wi-fi, I will post it on my blog. OK, maybe just when I find some really cheap wi-fi.

I am an enigma. I paid $5 this morning for a grande non-fat latte with an extra shot, and very willingly, mind you, but I’m whining about paying for internet. I don’t even get me. I can imagine why my husband just rolls his eyes and says, “That’s Juli.”

I’m cheap, and I can’t dance. That’s me in a nutshell. I just wanted to share this little bit of myself with you. Goodnight.


3 Replies to “I’m cheap, and I can’t dance”

  1. To some of us, your lists of (non) qualifications are just adorable. Your small flaws comfort the rest of us. Please keep on goofing up. It makes us feel safe and happy inside.


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