Seize the moment

It’s about 10AM on Thursday, the 5th day of our cruise. We are at sea today, and will be until we arrive back into Los Angeles on Saturday morning. I am sitting outside on our balcony watching the waves, hoping to catch a glimpse of a whale. Lynn is roughing up the boys in our cabin, burning off the sugar rush from the pancakes.

If you could see me now, you would really chuckle. I got up this morning, bright and cheery, slipped on a tank top and a khaki skirt and my favorite flips . . . hair in a pony tail, no makeup, sunglasses; the usual cruise breakfast attire. The moment I stepped onto the breezeway that opens into the restaurant, I realized the error of my ways. Overnight we had sailed out of balmy Puerto Vallarta and into the windy Pacific, the temperature dropping about twenty degrees and the wind speed increasing by about twenty miles per hour. (I know there’s a more ocean-centric way to say that, but my coffee was rather weak.)

Anyway, since my naïve foray out amongst the English, I have acquired some more clothing. I put my PJ’s back on over my clothes, stole a green hoodie and a pair of socks from Jaxon, and swiped the comforter off the bed. Now, I’m rather cozy, the heat from my computer keeping my lap warm.

The moral of this story is, SEIZE THE MOMENT! If you find yourself mismatched and funky, but warm, blog about it! If you find yourself freezing your tail off and your fingers aren’t working right, blog about that too. When the kids are doing homework and you need to stay near them for the inevitable questions, seize that moment and read a book, write a note, read your bible, slip your earbuds in and listen to something soothing. Don’t just sit there twiddling your thumbs and waiting until you can move on to the next event of your day. Do something with the moment that you’re in. Many are the sweet moments while you’re waiting.

Have a happy day!


2 Replies to “Seize the moment”

  1. You are right. We need the seize the moment more in our lives, especially with our children, spouses, and our God. Hope you had a fantastic and relaxing trip!


  2. Awesome you got away with your family! Seize the moment for sure!!!!
    The end of March my husband and I get to go on a cruise with my son and his family. r. Can’t wait to see our little grandson!!! Thank you Lord for making a way for us to go….
    God cares that we have time together with family…..


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