A nifty feature

Blogs have some nifty features. My favorite feature of WordPress, the blog platform that I use, is the fact that it tells me how people stumble upon my site. For example, if someone types my name into a search engine, and then click on a link, WordPress makes a record of it. It doesn’t tell me who searched for me, just how.

So every day I see Google hits for “Juli Mize.” Sometimes I see “Julie Mize,” but I quickly forgive those people. I have gotten lots of readers that were searching for song lyrics. The fact that I talk about Bon Jovi and Journey catches searchers in my Google net.

I have to laugh when I think of people searching for random things and they find me all preachy and goofy and talking about God knows what. I hope they get a chuckle, maybe a bit of insight, and I hope they come back!

Here are my favorites so far:

Slain in the spirit skirt



Don’t people island

Personal point of view about housekeeping

Germs in water

My copy of God is great

German shepherd singing


Winter babe

зимнее утро (My blog went to Russia!)

Fall over laughing

Mize special

Are we crazy

Pink camo truck

Prayer language phrases

Steve Perry awful singing

What to do if you have a bellyache

Meat fork

And my all time favorite . . . Boy crying because he has to pee.

juli mize 11
juli roberts mize 8
found a fork in the road 2
thoughts 2
thankful for you 2
us truck stop 1
language 1
bible fork in the road 1
my prayer language 1
londia 1
danielle lamirand 1
don’t stop believin journey 1
when someone says don’t go crazy 1
lynn mize ministries 1
julimize.com 1
prayer language syllables 1
baby grand piano living room 1
growing to do list 1
with my apologies 1
lynn mize tulsa 1
what to do if you have a bellyache 1
your prayer language 1
skirt slain in the spirit 1
children layer salad 1
“what the what”