Abiding in the shadow

When it comes to my son Jaxon’s budding social life, nothing feels better to this mother than knowing her child is safe and having fun and feeling included in a group of great kids.

Well, he has found a new group of kids in the neighborhood and begun hanging out with them, riding bikes, shooting airsoft guns, blowing up frogs . . . boy stuff. These boys are a little older than Jaxon, which is very cool. And they have older sisters . . . with friends. Double cool.

It made my heart sing when he called to check in with me from one of their houses and told me they were going to a movie. I had been puttering around the house and the yard and the garage, taking advantage of the first day it actually felt like Spring and I got to thinking about how the Lord must feel when we’re doing good, and how His heart must sing when He sees His children successful, fulfilled, and belonging.

Psalm 91 tells us that if we dwell in the secret place of the most high, then we will abide in the shadow of the Almighty. To me, that word abiding says chilling out, hanging out, chillaxing. That is exactly what my son was doing today, he was hanging out in the shadow of the Almighty. He was safe, protected, successful, and fulfilled.

Just like we are covered with the protecting warmth of God’s feathers, Jaxon had made some new friends, some older friends, some cool friends; friends who would raise his hip factor as he walks down the halls at school exponentially, friends that would give him that extra layer of protection from any junk that might get thrown at him. (Jaxon has always been a cool kid, but having older friends at school is a major bonus. We all know this, right?)

It just made me smile to think of my boy hanging with these bigger kids. And it made me happy.

I was trying to think of a picture that might encapsulate this little Saturday afternoon post, and I took a look over at my dog. The dog was snoring so loudly, he was drowning out the Spring birds and neighborhood lawnmowers. Now this is what I call hanging out in the shadow of the Almighty. A freight train would not have disturbed him.


3 Replies to “Abiding in the shadow”

  1. Very cool and I bet you prayed over him as he went just the same. I still pray over our MEN when they leave the house. I always say be safe and pray over yourself. Wyatt always says have fun! I realized both are needed pray, (get heaven involved) use wisdom, and then just HAVE FUN! Your covered under the SHADOW!
    Love ya!


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