A smiley cup of sunshine

Are you ever so tired you look at the clock and you just know it’s going to say midnight, but it’s only 8:30? Yeah, that’s how I feel tonight. I’m a little jealous of the dog; he’s already sleeping. He doesn’t have to throw that last load of clothes in the dryer or brush his teeth. He doesn’t have to wash his face and lay out clothes for tomorrow. He doesn’t have to set the timer on the coffee pot to automatically brew himself that 6:30 AM cup of Praise the Lord in Heaven Above for Inventing Coffee.

Aren’t you a little jealous of your pets? They’ve got it good, man.

Lynn and Jax and I hosted a blow-out cousin bonanza at our house this weekend. We had three medium-sized nephews on Friday night, then we traded them in for a pint-size, 2T-wearing, smiley cup of sunshine on Saturday morning. Later that day, Little Pants was joined by the cutest little blue-eyed, blond-headed, purse toting, pink and black zebra toenail polish wearing niece you have ever seen.

Although I looked, I didn’t find a partridge in my pear tree.

There were tents and pedicures, and sippy cups and flashlights, and I believe a good time was had by all.

This may actually be the first time my son has recognized the beauty of being an only child.

My hat is off to all you Moms and Dads that have three or four or five kids in your house every day. I commend you, I applaud you, I don’t envy you. You must run your dishwashers three times a day, and your poor washers and dryers! I bet you get your money’s worth out of those. Don’t get me wrong, I have my fair share of laundry, but if it were tripled, I think I would just cry. I can’t imagine how big your basket of unmatched socks must be.

So tonight I’m thankful for my husband, (singular) and my son, (singular) and my dog (singular). They are my life. I have the most precious nieces and nephews in the world, they are a joy to me and I’m very proud to be their “Auntie,” but it’s wonderful when they all go home to their Mommas and this Momma can call it a day. This must be what it feels like to be a Grandma; won’t that be fun?

Goodnight, my fellow Moms and Dads. Sweet, uninterrupted dreams to all of you.


3 Replies to “A smiley cup of sunshine”

  1. Just adorable….every inch of print reflects your adorable heart.
    Enjoy your coffee in the morning…..after a sweet sleep. God is good. Love abounds.


  2. Each season brings its own unique fun and frazzle. Enjoy them all–and thank God for Java which hath come that you might enjoy life coherently!


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