How do you cast your cares on Him?

(Alternately titled, Casting your cares on Him . . . for dummies, but I just thought that was a little too snarky, even for me.)

So I did a quick Google search for casting your cares on Him. In 0.28 seconds, it brought up over 5 million hits. That’s a mightylotta hits for one short phrase.

My question is, why do so many people talk about it and so few actually know how to do it? What’s the problem? Why does it seem to be so difficult to let go of our worries? We all know the scriptures, but it sure is easier said than done.

I think we need to go back to Kindergarten on this one. I enlisted the help of my dear friend and my son’s former Kindergarten teacher, Elaine Barber, to weigh in on the subject. I asked her how she would teach a child to cast their cares upon Jesus. And here’s what she said:

In Kindergarten, it has to be simple and it has to be to the point.  I guess I would start with the definition of what a “care” is. What causes a care and why do we have them?  A “care” can be something that bothers us or makes us feel worried and upset.  What makes a Kindergartener worried?  Usually, a concern in Kindergarten deals with how others are treating us.  Are your classmates being kind, making you feel loved, or are they hurting your feelings?  Are you invited to birthday parties?  Do your friends play nicely with you during recess and include you in playtime?  If the response is negative, then all of these are major cares in Kindergarten!

Next, we talk about how these situations make us feel.  They make us hurt.  We feel sad.  We want to cry!  We feel like no one else understands us and wants to be with us! And then I am able to tell them that we do have someone who deeply understands us and longs to spend time with us.  It is God.  He created us and gave us the ability to have all these feelings!  He knows exactly how we feel and wants to make it “all better.”  He wants us to remember how much He loves us and longs for us to talk and pray to Him when we are feeling down or hurt.

Through prayer, by simply talking or crying to God, we tell Him how we feel.  We tell Him everything, the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Then we lift our hands up to Him and pretend to play catch with God by throwing all those hurt feelings His way. We take those sad emotions and wad them up (use hand motions to wad it up) and then throw our “hurts” up to God! (pretend to throw!) God gladly catches them and throws them even farther away from us!  Then He reaches down into our hearts, wraps Himself around it, and replaces all those yucky, hurt feelings with His love, grace, mercy, and joy. He reassures us with His comforting, loving whispers.  His words of encouragement feel awesome.  He gives us a warm, gooey, fuzzy feeling deep down inside our belly.  When we walk away from our prayer time, we know we’ve been in His arms because we no longer hurt and the peace we have is deep and satisfying.

My friend, brilliant teacher, woman of God, and special guest-contributor, Elaine Barber.

Isn’t that precious? I knew she would explain it so well. So here’s what I’m going to work on. When I pray, or when I cry, or more often for me, when I want to scream and say ugly words, I am going to tell God how I feel, then I’m going lift up my hands and play catch with God, wadding those cares up and throwing them far away from me. Then I’m going to allow His sweet presence to fill up that hole in my heart and I’m going to tell God that I trust Him.

And then I’m going to do it all over again tomorrow!


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