Weedy neighbors

Praise Jesus for a sunny Friday . . . happiness abounds in my heart. Any Friday is good, but a sunny one is just tops.

So today I had errands to run, dogs to drop off, kids to pick up, groceries to buy and Target to browse. Well I didn’t have to browse, but I did. After all that, I was driving home through the back entrance of my neighborhood where the more chichi houses are when I stumbled upon a little Friday afternoon wisdom.

Have you ever driven down a residential street and seen a lush, green lawn that’s directly next to a sparse, weedy one? One where you can actually see the line of demarkation where one ends and the other begins? I’d like to know who they think they are kidding! If you’re gonna be neighbors with a weedy lawn, their seeds are going to blow your way.

(Don’t you know that one homeowner feels like a dog and the other one is ticked off most of the time?)

Well, this is a perfect picture how much it matters who we hang out with. My father-in-law always teaches that if you hang out in the devil’s backyard, his dog will bite you. And that is the truth, don’t I know.

It matters who we surround ourselves with. If iron sharpens iron, as the Bible says in Proverbs 27:17, then it stands to reason that the opposite of that is true.

If we will take a good look at who we hang out with, who we listen to, and who we follow, we can see how those people make a major impact on our lives. If we separate ourselves from the weeds, we’ll have a much better chance at a beautiful lawn.