U otta bin bloggin

I am a news junkie. It’s awful, I know. But I really enjoy watching some earth-shattering event unfold. When they have to break into programming, my heart skips a beat and I lean close in anticipation.

I have the cable news stations down to a science. I watch a lot of Fox News but when there’s something big going on, I go to CNN because I think they have better camera work and nicer graphics. This is a little embarrassing.

I love politics, but I do get bored with listening to talking heads constantly yammering on about liberal this and conservative that.

When I just need the day’s top stories, I hit Headline News. And when they get too opinionated, I mute the TV and read the scrawl. Or is it scroll? Let’s go with ticker. Why not?

I check the Weather Channel regularly, although living in Oklahoma, I think our local meteorologists cover our weather better. And we have the super-duper-who’s-your-daddy Doppler-XXX-9000 radar system so NO tornadoes are going to sneak up on Tulsa.

I was blogging when the Osama bin Laden announcement came through. At least, I was attempting to blog. I had a paragraph written and had round-filed it in disgust and gone to bed. I turned on the TV as I was getting into bed and I caught sight of the international brouhaha. I violently elbowed my husband awake and spent the next two hours flipping between Fox and CNN.

I love a good news story. That is all I have to say about that.


2 Replies to “U otta bin bloggin”

  1. I am the same way about news. Unfortunately, my husband would flip out if I rolled over to CNN, so I doubt I will ever have the opportunity to compare camera work and graphics 🙂


  2. Try the decaf Julie. ;-} I stopped watching ANY high caffeine, high scream, highly sexed-up US cable news several years ago.

    We’d be far better off if more of us paid attention too more diverse sources of “real” news — on-the-ground news & commentary. About the mideast, to have a clue or two of “the other side” in the region, try the decaf…. all available on line, like BBCnews, France24, RussiaTV, or most especially, Al-Jazeera. (Nobody covered Tunisa and Egypt better than AJ…. precisely thanks to their “independence”…. alas, they’re not covering Bahrain & Saudi developments as well — but who is?)


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